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    Daughters of Wisdom

    Mah-Jongg: The Tiles That Bind

    Nangchen Shorts

    Looking For Lepke

    The Strangest Town in Alaska

    What In The World

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DAUGHTERS OF WISDOM is now available to schools, libraries, and community &religious organizations in a

Special Edition Educational DVD
(All Region NTSC only)
Original 68 Minute version + 56 minute classroom version

For rental and purchase information, please contact:
Seventh Art Releasing
+1 323.845.1455

The director is also available to present the film which can be arranged by contacting Seventh Art.

To purchase the video for personal use, click here to go to

Note: Screening this DVD for a group or classroom without permission
is a violation of copyright law. Click here for information
about copyright law and public performance rights.